Do you know that there are so many chemicals in your household? Household cleaners, paint, furniture, plastics… often contain harmful substances.

On this site, I will keep you updated about what cleaning products are safe to use for you and your family and how to reduce toxins in your home.


Water Filter 

Drinking clean water is very important for your health. Especially, if you live in an area where chlorine and fluoride are added to your tap water. Moreover, a very significant eco-friendly aspect is, that you don’t have to buy plastic water bottles. I love my Berkey Water Filter which filters chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals and many more harmful substances.


Life Without Plastic

If you are looking for plastic-free, non-toxic and environmental friendly products, have a look at this store. You will be surprised about the variety of products they offer, from eco-lunchboxes to toxin- and plastic-free shampoo bars and more.