In most body care products, there are so many harmful chemicals. Have you ever read the labels? Can you even pronounce all the ingredients?

The skin care products by Annemarie Gianni are organic, wildcrafted and cruelty free. I love their products, knowing they are toxin-free and good for my skin. Find out what skin type you are.

I also love Red Umbrella Cosmetics. My friend Terri Gabriel created her own make-up line with only natural, toxin-free ingredients. Her products are perfect for people with allergies. It is so easy to look beautiful with natural make-up.

Life Without Plastic

If you are looking for plastic-free, non-toxic and environmental friendly products, have a look at this store. You will be surprised about the variety of products they offer, from eco-lunchboxes to toxin- and plastic-free shampoo bars and more.