Medicine is more than just prescribing drugs.

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7 Essential Principles of Health

Do you schedule your car only for an oil change? Probably not. Brake fluids, spark bulbs, even new tires are necessary at some point. Are you as responsible with your body as with your car? If you want to know why it is essential to think holistically to become healthier…

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Holistic Cancer Coaching

Have you been diagnosed with cancer and feel overwhelmed? Do you seek guidance for your individual journey? If you feel you would like to explore options outside of, or in addition to, conventional medicine, Dr. Anja is here for you! She wants to encourage you to take control of YOUR health.

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Fasting For Fuel

Sounds paradox? No! Your body spends about 30% of its energy on digestion. While fasting, your body utilizes this extra energy. Fasting burns fat, boosts your immune system and regenerates the whole body.

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Health & Weight Management Coaching

Do you often feel listless and undynamic? A lifestyle full of stress, bad food choices, little exercise… leads to chronic disease including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and even cancer. Are you sick of counting calories? Have you tried numerous weight loss programs that leave you struggling on your own? Dr. Anja created a holistic and guided health and weight management program. Become a healthier and happier version of yourself now!

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Amazing Experience & Great Reccomendations

“Anja is knowledgeable and thorough, and possesses a warm “bedside manner”. Her holistic approach is research based and personalized to each of her clients. She responds promptly to questions and provides frequent helpful and relevant tips. I benefit from and value her support!”

Ashley W.

(3-month coaching)

“I would highly recommend Anja. She is very knowledgeable and sincerely cares about your healing journey. She is always available for questions or concerns and is so supportive. Her ability to put your mind at ease is so reassuring. She truly cares and understands which is priceless.”

Karen M.

(3-month coaching)

“It has truly been an amazing experience working with Anja! She was the answer to my prayers when I felt as if I was running out of options, and overwhelmed by the plethora of information out there! I needed someone to guide me.

Linda B.

(3-month coaching)

My Passion – Your Choice, My Support

It is my passion to support you on your individual journey of enhancing the quality of your health by addressing all aspects of life. Every aspect of your life works together in promoting wellness. Through your choice and my support we will work together to bring you back to where your health thrives when approached with a holistic mindset and lifestyle.

-Dr. Anja

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See What Others Are Saying

Karen went through Dr. Anja’s 3-month holistic cancer coaching. Her oncologist couldn’t believe that she showed no signs of cancer in the PET scan without doing chemotherapy or radiation.

If you are interested in working with Dr. Anja, you can schedule a free 30-minute session to see if her support is right for you at

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