I love nature and I try my best to keep it clean. My vision is to inspire more and more people to take care of our environment. Living sustainably means minimizing waste by re-using, re-cycling and up-cycling. A lot of products that we use daily contain harmful substances. Here are some tips to reduce toxins and waste with eco-friendly products in your daily life. Your body and the environment will be grateful!

Being on the go, we can avoid a lot of waste. It starts with going to a grocery store. Take your own reusable bags and avoid plastic bags. So many plastic bags end up in landfills and even make their way to the ocean and harm wildlife. So, grab your tote bags and off you go! I would already tell the cashier in advance that I do not need a plastic bag. They would just bag anything automatically. Another example, some sandwich places wrap your sandwich in aluminum foil and paper. I nicely ask them to leave away the aluminum foil. It works so well! By the way, instead of aluminum or plastic foil, I nowadays use Bee’s Wrap.

Do you use straws at a restaurant? Say “No, thank you!” to plastic straws and bring your own stainless steel straw! (If you need a straw at all.)

Do you pack your own lunch? Have a look at these awesome stainless steel lunch boxes.

I don`t put my produce in plastic bags anymore. These produce bags can be used over and over again.

You see, there are a lot of ways to avoid waste. Just become creative!

Life Without Plastic

If you are looking for plastic-free, non-toxic and environmental friendly products, have a look at this store. You will be surprised about the variety of products they offer, from eco-lunchboxes to toxin- and plastic-free shampoo bars and more.